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4 Tips for Better Wellness at Bath Time for Children

Simple swaps and additions to your child’s bath could have a positive impact on their overall health and wellness, so we’ve come up with four easy ways to help boost wellness at bath time.  Whether your child has eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin or completely normal skin, these ideas are applicable.

1. Add magnesium salt (epsum salt) to your little one’s bath.

Pretty much everyone has a magnesium deficiency. Studies (see below for reference), have shown that magnesium can be absorbed through the skin and adding it to the bath is a great way to help boost magnesium levels in your little one. Wellness Mama has a fantastic overview of magnesium, why it’s so important and why we’re all probably deficient that you can read on her website.  

Helpful hints: Add about a cup of magnesium salts directly to the bathwater. Consider adding a tablespoon of Himalyan salt as well for additional minerals.  If your little one is still in a smaller portable tub go with ¼ cup of the magnesium salt.

2. Add Vitamin C to the bath to neutralize the chlorine in tap water.

Pretty much all water (except for well water) is treated with chlorine to kill of harmful pathogens, which is a good thing. There was a time when people died all-too-frequently from water-borne illnesses. But chlorine and other chemicals added to the water aren’t necessarily good for your long-term health. Fortunately, there are solutions for neutralizing and eliminating chlorine. The very best thing you could do is add a filtration system to your home (or right onto your faucet). Not only does this remove chlorine, but it also takes care of all the other chemicals. For a less costly and time-consuming method, add vitamin C to the bath water to get rid of the chlorine.  

Helpful hints: You can add Vitamin C in either of these two forms: 1) ascorbic acid form of vitamin C or 2) sodium ascorbate form of vitamin C.

3. Ditch the bubble bath & “fragranced” products.

Simply don’t use bubble bath: 1) the ingredients that make the bubbles happen are not exactly “clean” and 2) sitting in soapy water is actual very drying to the skin. Secondly, eliminate anything with “fragrance” listed as an ingredient from your bath time regimen. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know how often we reiterate this. Manufacturers and brands can simply list “fragrance” as an ingredient and not disclose the chemical components that make up the scent. Therefore, assume that anything with “fragrance” has a cocktail of chemicals which are best kept out of your child’s bathwater and off their skin.

4. Add herbs or essential oil to the bathwater.

Adding herbs directly to the bath is the gentlest way to add delightful aroma to bath time. But what’s more, many herbs and their more potent essential oil counterparts also contain a range of health benefits. They’re a great way to wind down for bedtime as well. Here are a few classic herbs/essential oils and their potential benefits:

  • Lavender – classic, floral aroma that can help with stress
  • Chamomile – sweet aroma that help calm the mind, reduce skin inflammation and reduce the effects of seasonal allergies
  • Mandarin – uplifting bright aroma that can help with sadness
  • Tea tree – bright, woody scent that can help reduce skin redness, over-exposure to the sun

Talk with your kids about why you’re adding herbs or oils to their bath and let them pick what they need that day. Use it as an opportunity to talk about their emotions from the day, physical happenings in their body (eczema, cold, soreness etc) and the importance of taking care of yourself. It’s a phenomenal way to help them become more self-aware, which puts them on a path to better overall wellness.

Helpful hints: We recommend our Nourishing Bath Herbs (we’re biased because we love our products) which contains organic chamomile, calendula, lavender and oat tops. Or add a kid-friendly organic essential oil.  Essential oils in the bath are not recommended for babies under 3 months. One drop is enough for a 3+ month baby or toddler’s bath and 2 drops can be added for kids 2 to 5 years in a full-size bathtub. Nourishing Bath Herbs are safe for babies at any age as they’re less potent and potentially irritating to skin as they release botanic essence through extraction (seeping into the water). Essential oils are highly concentrated.

Check out Plant Therapy’s list of essential oils that are and are not safe for kids. 



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