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Natural Baby Gift Guide for Supporting Small Businesses

If you’re like us, we love supporting small businesses. There has never been a better time to ditch those big-box retailers and support a small business. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite natural baby gifts for new parents from other small businesses.

Organic, Safe, and Natural Skin Products: Our Gift Bundles

Some of our favorite gifts for new parents are practical gifts that can be used from day one. For those who like to use natural products, consider our incredible bundles of skincare products. Simply place your order online and we'll send directly to the recipient - send us a note at and we'll include a note from you! Easy peasy! The Sensitive Skin Soother and the Everyday Soother balms complement each other well and will ensure that baby is well-equipped in the skincare department. If you want to step it up a level, consider the Essentials Bundle that includes our Nourishing Bath Herbs to set the tone right for all of the baths to come. All of our products are safe to use on newborn infants. 


Earth Friendly Hair Bows: Abby Reigh Bows

There are few things better than natural, handmade, earth friendly products for little ones. Beth, the owner of Abby Reigh Bows designs and produces recycled leather bows in all kinds of styles that we are sure make some of the best baby gifts out there. They’re made as headbands and hair bows, and if there’s a big sibling who might like a gift too, the bow ties are as cute as a button. Super versatile (they go with any outfit) and made with love; we love these as a beautiful token of love for new parents. Check out their website on Etsy here, or their Instagram here!


Fair Trade Organic Baby Clothes: Wild Wawa

As a female founded and led company, we love to support other women-run small businesses, especially when they make some of the best gifts for new parents. Wild Wawa was co-founded by a mother-daughter team. Meaning “baby” in Quechua (spoken in the Andean highlands of Peru), the duo decided to honor their Peruvian heritage. All of the clothing items are hand made by a small group of talented women, and use top quality fabrics mostly sourced from Peru. We particularly love their GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic prima cotton clothing items, great for babies with eczema and sensitive skin*. They ship their precious creations around the world, and provide options for any season and style! Check out their website here.


Fair Trade, Handmade and Socially Conscious Dolls: Cuddle + Kind

Not only are dolls from Cuddle + Kind beautiful, soft, and cuddle-worthy, but they’re handmade, fair trade, and socially conscious. They’re made with natural non-toxic cotton yarn (safe for baby’s sensitive skin), and colorful enough that if you line them up, they just might make a real rainbow. The dolls are hand stitched, loomed, and crocheted by artisans in Peru with generations of passed down skills. Working with over 750 artisans, Cuddle + Kind says that they put “decency before profits.” In other words, they ensure that their artisans are paid a fair and living wage, and work in safe, healthy conditions. With each doll purchased, Cuddle + Kind donates 10 meals in an effort to minimize childhood hunger; doll purchases provide school meals to young rural Kenyan kiddos and sustain a garden in the Kenya. Check out their stunning crafts on their website here.


Handmade, Safe, Personalized (if you want!) Baby Quilts: Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

Made by the self-proclaimed “Baby Quilt Lady,” quilts from the Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are made one at a time with soft and cuddly (yet durable) fabrics. They come in various designs, and can be personalized with baby’s name in any design. Since the age of eight, Sharon has been a quilter, and having spent 40 years as a teacher and raised four children, you can count on her knowing what needs to be done to make just the right quilt. They are each made to be safe, so no buttons, ribbons, or any other dangle items will pose a danger to baby. These quilts are made to be everyday baby products; they’re perfect for naps on the floor, comfort, keeping warm on walks, and more. If you feel like you want to get a quilt for a fur baby, she can do that too! We love the personalization of the quilts, to really show mom and dad how special they’re little one is. Here is a link to Sharon’s website!


Natural, Sustainable Plastic-Free Toys & Teethers: Smiling Tree Toys

Plastics can be very dangerous. As we outline in “10 Ways to Reduce You Child’s Exposure to Phthalates,” dangerous chemicals often hide in soft plastics, including toys for babies and children. Conveniently, Smiling Tree toys, one of our favorite small businesses out there, specializes in wooden toys for kids of all ages. We particularly like their rattles and teethers, and they make great natural gifts for new parents.  Made in the USA by Justin and Kathleen, these handcrafted organic baby teethers can be personalized with baby’s name, making for long lasting baby gifts that are safe and, not to mention, beautiful! With every purchase of a wooden toy, one tree is planted, giving back to the earth. To check out their carefully crafted wooden baby gifts and more, click the link here to their website.

Organic, Fair Trade Carrying Slings & Nursing Blankets: Lovey Duds

If you’ve ever been around a baby, you know they love to be held. To help with this, carrying slings are incredibly helpful. Lovey Duds creates organic, fair trade – and stunning – carrying slings. To check out their products, you can access the website here, or the Etsy page here.


For more on triggers for eczema, check out our Common Questions and Answers about Eczema in Babies and Children.