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Tips for Combating Dry Skin on Babies and Young Children

Little Love Organics is headquartered in Colorado and despite it only being October, we’re on our fifth day of snow this month. As I write this post, it’s 8 degrees outside and the snow is coming down blizzard style. What better time to share some of our tried and true tricks for keeping little one’s dry skin at bay. My baby (always will be) is 2 years old I’ve been using these tricks since he was an infant and they’re applicable at every age.

Apply balms or plant oils (like coconut) after a bath or when skin in moist.

You know how everyone swears by using coconut oil? And don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome. But if you’re applying it directly to dry skin and finding that is not living up to the hype, you’re not alone! The trick with using any balms or plant oils – almond, jojoba, coconut, olive, etc – is that you must get the skin nice and moist before you apply. If you aren’t doing this, it can dry out the skin further.

The best time to apply balms like our Sensitive Skin Soother or plant oils to the body are immediately after a bath while the skin is still slightly damp. This way you’re locking in moisture.

If your little one has dry cheeks, apply a warm damp wash cloth to the area before applying balms or oils. This is also a great trick when reapplying balms on other parts of the body in between bath time and regular diaper changes.

Apply moisturizer to your little one after hand-washing. There is nothing worse than dry, chapped little hands!

Don’t use bubble bath.

Baths are a beautiful part of our nighttime regimen. There is splashing, song singing and lots of giggles but no bubble bath – and it’s still fun! Way back in my early days of motherhood, I was surprised to learn that bubble bath ingredients are very harsh and drying to skin (even if they claim to have moisturizing benefits!). But it’s been reinforced by countless allergists, dermatologists and pediatricians… bubble bath is essentially soapy water and that is drying to skin – especially to already sensitive and dry skin. When those dry, cooler temperatures hit, you may find that the bubble bath needs to go.

Keep bath water temperature moderate.

Especially when it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to make the bath water just slightly warmer but keeping bathwater temperatures moderate is essential to keeping the skin from drying out. What do we mean by moderate? 95 degrees or cooler.

Consider putting a humidifier in the room where your baby sleeps.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air and this can help tremendously if your little one has dry flaky skin covering large areas of the body. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions on your humidifier and to only use distilled water in your humidifier. Moist places are a haven for mold growth.

Prevention is key.

Start amping up the moisturization levels sooner rather than later and hopefully, you avoid the dry skin woes all together! If you aren’t regularly moisturizing the whole body after baths, now is the time to start.


So there you have it. Simple, easy-to-implement suggestions that can make a world of difference.



Co-founder, Little Love Organics