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Customer Reviews

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Amazing product

Love this stuff! I just got this soother last week and it has basically cured the rashes behind my sons knees. I’ve even been using it whenever I get a dry patch of skin. Can’t say enough good things about this balm!

just amazing!

I use this on my daughter after every bath! It helps with her dry skin especially in the winter! It’s natural ingredients give me comfort and she loves it so much she helps me put it on her. It’s our after bath ritual 🥰

Everyday soother

Excellent product. Thougthfully packaged and my daughter enjoys putting it on. It's always a win when the kiddo enjoys it- makes for much less hassle in keeping her skin healthy!

The cure all jar

We have absolutely loved our product from little love. My kiddo has sensitive skin and has small breakouts of eczema, cradle cap (occasionally), Diaper rash and has a scar from a fall. All of these things have been instantly helped by the skin soother. The vitamin E is a game changer and the smell is amazing with the organic materials.

I have secretly moved this to my bathroom and is now the family cure jar for any skin issues!

Great for Psoriasis relief

I have fought Psoriasis for most of my life with prescription steroid creams.
I tried the Sensitive Skin Soother and was pleasantly surprised to discover it soothes my patches as well if not better than the steroid creams without all the dangers of steroids. I am a believer!! Great work!

Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Instead of the traditional registry gift, I gifted my cousin with this bundle for her new bundle of joy! It’s a practical gift that I knew with confidence would sooth her newborns sensitive skin. She’s really enjoying the balm and the nourishing bath herbs as it smells wonderful and is relaxing to both her and baby! Highly recommend!

Mommy and me bath time

Now that my squirming offspring is agile enough to try to escape the tub I tend to bathe with her so I can keep her from launching herself into the tile floor and finally wash my greasy mom hair. I bought this soak when the kiddo had really bad eczema but the sensitive skin soother seemed to work on its own during the humid summer months. Now that winter is here this poor girl has itchy red cheeks and arms which needed some extra care. We used this soak during one of our bath times and we both loved it, it was so soothing and smelled great. I don’t like to use soaps on the baby’s skin since they dry her out and it’s not like she’s mud wrestling all day. But I could tell even during the bath how her irritated skin was calming and the flushed look of her cheeks returned to her normal color. We soaked and played for a good 45 minutes then I took my slippery prune and slimed her up with the sensitive soother and she hasn’t been attacking her itchy skin in her sleep at all. The combination of this bath soak and the sensitive soother is definitely a must for anyone in need of some pampering and relief from dry, itchy skin.

Excellent for eczema relief

My 1 yr old has eczema which has gotten worse as the air becomes drier in the fall/winter. This ointment has been the perfect remedy for her itchy, red patches on her face and arms. The consistency is thick enough to seal in moisture after a good soak but also fine enough to spread evenly without needing to rub vigorously into the skin. My husband also suffers from eczema and has been sneaking away some of the baby’s soother for his cracking hands. The antibacterial properties of the tea tree oil are excellent especially if the cracks in skin are deep enough to break the epidermis. It also smells great and I have no need to wash it off my hands after slathering the baby in it post bath. Overall this has been a great product which has been thoughtfully researched and developed by a pair of mums who understand what it’s like to feel helpless as your little one painfully scratches away at their delicate skin. I really cannot stress enough how using this product after a nice warm soak gives excellent results. I recommend this to all my mummy friends.

Reviewed by a 7.5 year old!

I seriously love this stuff! I give it five out of five stars. I had some itchy skin that was really red and when I put the stuff on it, it made it feel so much better. Mom says the ingredients are safe for me, so I know that makes her happy, too.

Everyday Soother
Barbara K.
Wonderful product!

I even used it on my heels with great results.

All natural miracle

I bought the Sensitive Skin Soother for my daughter and it has worked wonders. Her skin is clear of bumps and I don’t have to worry for one second about what I am putting on her skin, because it’s ALL natural. So much love for Little Love Organics

Stubborn Eczema Gone!

A stellar product. I use the balm on my newborn, my toddler and myself! After just a few days of regular use we saw stubborn eczema disappear. It is so comforting to find a product that is safe yet effective. Thanks Little Love Organics!

Love this product!

I picked up the sensitive skin soother because my skin was so dry and itchy. Each time I apply this stuff, I have instant relief, and Ive noticed my symptoms gradually getting better with each application. I seriously love this stuff. Oh and the smell. Im a little obsessed with the smell. So good!

Spectacular product

Cannot say enough good things about this soother. Smells great and easy to apply. I use it on my 8mo old and my 4 year old and have noticed a major difference in their skin. Feels so great to have a product that I can apply with confidence knowing I am not harming but helping my child. Thank you for developing something safe for these sweet babes.

A little love for the tub

My 9-month-old daughter had been having trouble with dry skin on her back and arms since birth. After every bath, I would have to rub multiple layers of lotion on her. These bath herbs have helped her skin stay moisturized to the point where I only have to apply a small amount of lotion after her bath. They smell wonderful, left her skin silky smooth and saves me time. Win-win-win!

You gotta use this!

Soothing and relaxing. Not just for babies!


Big fan of the sensitive skin soother. I’ve tried just about everything for my baby’s eczema. I could tell a difference after the first application of this product. Love how it absorbs right in, and calms redness down. Also very nice to know that there is nothing suspicious or harmful in the product. Happy mama and baby!

Miracle ointment!

Not only does this smell delicious- it works! I used it on both of my little ones’ eczema patches. I used it on myself as well since I’m pregnant and get severe eczema. Highly recommend!

The little's love it!

I have one child (2 years old) with eczema, and 4 year old with just dry skin. The 2 year old has happily enjoyed putting this on her skin, even trying to get more out of the jar to put on herself. The 4 year old has always been very picky about anything I put on her skin, often claiming it "burns" and just asking me to "take it off." With the skin soother she didn't complain of any burning or irritation and even asked for it the next night. Another thing that we have struggled with is finding a topical treatment that doesn't feel greasy, or absorb on their clothing. This doesn't neither. It absorbs into the skin nicely and has not left any residue on their clothes. For picky toddlers this is a huge win for us. Grateful to have this product for both of my girls!