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Please reach out if you have an additional questions.

  • Are Little Love Organics products gluten free?

    Skin Soother is gluten free. Nourishing Bath Herbs is not gluten free, they contain oat tops.
  • Are Little Love Organics products vegan?

    Nourishing Bath Herbs is 100% vegan. Skin Soother contains organic beeswax which is the only non-vegan ingredient included.
  • Do Little Love Organics products contain nuts?

    Our products are made without tree nuts or peanuts. However, the Skin Soother does contain licorice extract for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Licorice is a legume, so it is possible that some people with peanut allergies may also react to the licorice extract. If you would like to order our product without licorice extract for this reason, please reach out to us at
  • Can I find Little Love Organics products in stores?

    To ensure the highest possible quality (and because we're control-freaks), Little Love Organics products are currently only available online at
  • What exactly are the ingredients you use?

    We're happy you asked! In addition to the ingredient listing visible on the product pages, you can also view detailed information under "Our Ingredients" in the About Us tab.
  • Are these products only for babies with eczema?

    Absolutely not! Little Love Organics products are crafted with sensitive skin in mind which means they're safe for all skin. We only use safe, organic, natural ingredients. Who wouldn't benefit from that?